Pointe Mouillee CDF Maintenance

Monroe County, MI




Detroit District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


December 2018 to April 2019

The primary goal of this project was to repair the causeway to ensure safe passage of Government and Contractor required egress to the Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility (CDF). To do so required the design and installation of a temporary cofferdam. Once installed and dewatered we excavated and removed four existing seventy two inch corrugated metal pipes and replaced them with sixty inch reinforced concrete pipes. The completed project included flared end sections on one end and the connection to an existing weir on the other.

In addition to the causeway work we performed removal of vegetation along the lake ward perimeter dike roadways.

We also installed rodent barriers along four hundred fifty feet of the existing perimeter dike of the CDF. This rodent barrier consisted of stainless steel mat reaching four feet below and eight feet above the toe of dike. Barrier was installed one foot below finish grade and a clay wedge was placed to extend twelve feet up the dike from the existing toe.

Finally, we provided maintenance grading work to some of the existing dike roads within the CDF.


The bulk of the project consisted of the removal and replacement of four separate but parallel culvert pipes that are underneath an existing causeway that link the main land with the disposal facility. This required the design, installation and later removal of a cofferdam to allow for the removal of four existing corrugated metal pipes and their subsequent replacement with four pipe reinforced concrete pipes.

“The contractor did an exceptional job following all required plans and specifications. The contractor coordinated with the DNR, USACE, and other contractors utilizing the Pointe Mouillee CDF throughout the project. The contractor even went above and beyond and built a temporary access road across the earth retention system so another contractor could get equipment onsite when the Rouge River Dredging project started ahead of schedule. The contractor also went above and beyond when they realized a potential design issue with the last section of pipe in the lake not being secured to the other buried pipes and would be exposed to wave and ice action. The contractor recommended utilizing steel tie plates and installing a concrete foundation under the last pipe section. This recommendation was discussed with the designer who agreed to the recommendation which was included via modification.” –USACE

Quick Fact

Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility has a total capacity of 18.5 million cubic yards.

Quick Fact

Prior to the mid 1960’s, dredged material was placed in open-water placement areas.

Quick Fact

The Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility was constructed from 1976 to 1981 in two phases.

Quick Fact

Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility is 3.5 miles long 1/4 mile wide.

“The contractor also did an exceptional job installing the earth retention system and dewatering operations allowing to work to be done below Lake Erie water levels. Also, the earth retention system allowed for the contractor to work safely. The contractors knowledge of earth work and construction lead to a quality end product. The contractors daily reports were very detailed of progress of work, weather, safety, personnel onsite, equipment on site, delays, and any issues on the project.” –USACE

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