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North Additions Building Demolition

Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) has a building matching the original appearance and history of the base as a result of RBV’s partial demolition and restoration of its structure. Included was approximately 15,000 square feet of demolition of the existing north and northeast additions of the facility. WPAFB was able to maintain operations on a controlled airfield area with our proper coordination and planning. RBV managed all abatement, utility terminations, masonry, window installation, painting, electrical, fencing, concrete pavement/curbs, bituminous paving and returning the site to green space. This project was subject to and final approval granted by the State Historic Preservation Office.


Chimney’s Building Demolition

Selfridge Air National Guard Base has two buildings matching the original appearance and history of the base as a result of RBV’s partial demolition and restoration of its structures. Included was the complete demolition of eight chimneys down to the third floor concrete deck and patching of the roof with new wood, ice and water shields as well as slate shingles to match existing roofing construction. In addition, the two central chimneys on each building, which service the existing boilers, were repaired. We replaced broken, spalled and cracked brick, repointed the masonry as required, provided testing of existing mortar/grout, replaced concrete chimney cap and metal weather cap and any and all testing of materials required.


Alpena CRTC Arrestor Tubes

RBV provided earthwork services, pavement repairs and installation of two new aircraft arresting system tubes. The project required clearing and grubbing, demolition of existing system, demolition of concrete support columns, and grading of areas around engine pits for positive drainage at two separate runways at the Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) in Alpena, Michigan.


Detroit Border Patrol Station

RBV performed as a first tier subcontractor under Turner Construction Company on this project for the USACE Louisville District. The work involved soil erosion, earthwork, grading, building pad, soil remediation, temp utilities, sewer/water lines, aggregate placement, landscape edging, detention ponds, excavation/backfill for MEP, seeding, topsoil placement, berms, and pavement restoration.

We are a certified federal contractor and have proudly served many government agencies and organizations. We host a single bonding contract capacity of $10 million and an aggregate bonding level of $20 million. We’ve provided many different services of varying scopes with our government contracts, all with much success.

Some examples of our work include demolition, earthwork, and concrete construction for the Air Force as well as the Army Corps of Engineers.

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